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June 15-17 2018 G-  Spot Festival -

Victoria Bikers Pub Leicester with :

The Urban Voodoo Machine, The Chessmen, JoanovArc, Witchdoktors, dragSTER, Headsticks, Electus, Firegarden, 5 Go Mad, The Reverends, Segregates, The Mispelt, The Lengthmen, The Howling Lords, Goldwater, Blackmail Box, Kicking Jenny, Mystery Action


The Outcasts, P.A.I.N, Menace, Scarlet's Wake, The Twisted Dolls, The Frankly's, Lilith & The Knight, SONS, The Brandy Thieves, Smiley & The Underclass, The Zipheads, The Blue Carpet Band, Thee Dagger Debs, The Go Go Cult, Inglourious Thundercunts, Electrics, Rollin' Machine, Rough Stone, Zooparty, Penny Blood, Subculture, Pete Bentham and The Dinner Ladies, The Infusion, The Band for Disease Control and Prevention, Madame So, Afraid of Everything, Spitting Feathers,

Stone Heroes, Smash it Up, Weekends on Mercury, Stonehouse Jack,Russ Crimewave, Country Joe, One Eyed Wayne, ENNE, Danny Dangerously,


999, The Lurkers, Heavy Drapes, Army of Skanks, The Decay, Razorblade Smile, Hooligan, HOBO, HammerJacK, CuriousHour, Healthy Junkies, Neon Animal, Kiss My Acid, Charred Hearts, RAGE DC, Morgellons, Tara Rez, Yur Mum, Mirramaze, The Silver Stags, Casey Lake, Freedom Faction, Ambition Demolition, Rise of the Phoenix,



Remedy, Elsa, Sindri, Batwings, Catself



December 2nd 2017

15:00 doors

HIV Fest New X Inn, London 


Duncan Reid and The Big Heads

Church of Eon

Stone Heroes

The Phobics

Slow Faction

Surgery without Research

Proud City Fathers

Shocks of Mighty


Russ Crimewave



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